Kathmandu's Nighttime Potential

Kathmandu’s Nighttime Potential

In a well-presented opinion piece for (yes) The Himalayan Times, Samrat Dhungana writes, “The economic and social benefits of a 24-hour economy are numerous and varied, including increased employment opportunities, optimum resource utilization, greater consumer spending, improved competitiveness and higher quality of life.”

As policymakers and stakeholders in North American cities stir from their daytime slumber and begin to realize the potential of the night, they would benefit from reading this piece.

“Traditional operating hours no longer suffice, as businesses and consumers demand greater flexibility and accessibility in the services and amenities they depend on,” Dhungana adds.

“It is time for Kathmandu to recognize the immense potential of a 24/7 economy and take action to unlock its benefits.”

It is time for every metropolitan area to recognize its 24-hour potential.

And, every major city on the planet would benefit from an individual who advocates for its nighttime economy just as Samrat Dhungana does for Kathmandu.

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