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Montréal Night Summit

MTL au Sommet de la nuit / Montréal Night Summit

MTL 24/24 is a non-profit organization that develops nightlife in Montréal.

MTL 24/24’s Montréal Night Summit returns May 17-21, 2023. It’s theme? NOX ✦ SPATIUM – L’espace infini de la nuit. Imagine the infinite possibilities that might be found in space … however you define space.

The summit will explore the following topics with speakers from Europe, the US, Canada and Québec:

Physical dimensions: Nightscapes, architecture, zoning areas, urban development and planning, transformation of industrial spaces, cultural venues, multi-use placemaking and creative footprints.

The exploration of ingenuity: Ideas, interventions, best practices, actions, policy and possibilities. Moonshots in transit, public parks, lighting, society, culture, safety, care and space for the next generation.

Constellations and relative positions: Night governance models, inter-city networks, innovations in community building, nightlife projects and resilience.

To close out the week, MTL 24/24 hosts the next edition of NON STOP 24/24. From May 19 to 21, guests will enjoy thirty-six, back-to-back hours of night culture at the Jacques-Cartier Pavilion of the Port of Montreal Pavilion. The location has a spectacular panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River and the city of Montreal.

The City of Montréal and the Government of Québec are partners in this celebration of nightlife.

Showcasing more than thirty artists from local and international night culture, NON STOP 24/24 will be the closing event at Sommet de la nuit 2023.

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