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Nightworker Charter

Nightworker Charter: For Invisible Workers in Nightshift Cities (2023)

The Nightworker Charter was launched on Mar. 1, 2022, to coincide with the United Nations’ (UN) Zero Discrimination Day. This is a global observance of the unwritten law that everybody counts in our societies, regardless of their skin color, gender, skill level, education or beliefs.

This Charter stresses the need to recognize the contribution of nightworkers in our societies, many of whom are migrants. Nighttime workers deserve to be on an equal footing with their daytime counterparts.

The Nightworker Charter is a set of proposals that you pledge to support on a voluntary basis to show you take nightworkers’ precarity seriously. By signing the Nightworker Charter, you show your acknowledgement of the issues raised and that you are ready to get proactive in improving working conditions of nightworkers.

Julius-Cezar MacQuarie

The author invites you to add your name to the list of those who endorse the document and wish to make our “invisible” workforce more visible. You can sign up as an individual or sign up as an organization.

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