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Cybersecurity at Night

Prevent Nighttime Cyberattacks On Your Organization

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 1
Jan 13, 2023
Guest: David Solomon, Director of Sales and Business Development – CyVault

Valuable customer or patron data. Sensitive financial information. Irreplaceable event planning details. Original publication drafts, digital art or music compositions.

  • Are any of your operations managed online?
  • Does a vendor provide you with a web-based service?
  • Do your employees manage social media accounts on work computers?

Face it, eventually your internet security will get breeched.

At night.

Why at night? Because that is when your guard is down. Hackers are smart, quick and relentless. They’re looking for anything they can monetize.

While you’re sleeping, they’re reaping.

Organized cyberattacks deploy machine learning, giving their computers the capability to learn about your security measure (if you even have them) just like that “Jurassic Park” velociraptor figuring out how to open a door.

It’s easiest to open that door at night.

Our guest for this 24 Minutes podcast episode is David Solomon of CyVault. CyVault develops cyber defense technology to protect, detect, monitor and respond to network intruders.

We discuss cybersecurity for large and small businesses and organizations. We reference hospital systems, arts organizations and government agencies that have been immobilized by ransomware. David also provides the costs and time associated with data recovery compared to proactive security.

And he provides simple action steps you might want to take today to protect your computer systems and networks from a malicious threat tonight.

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