Proving the Cultural & Economic Value of Your Nighttime Economy

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An economic impact study is a type of analysis that evaluates the the economy of a specific region or industry. The study typically involves the collection and analysis of data related to various economic factors, such as employment, wages, sales, taxes, and other economic indicators.

  • What do you know about your city’s cultural and nighttime economy (NTE)?
  • Has your city conducted an economic impact assessment of its nighttime economic activity?
  • Where do you even begin to determine what “x” is equal to in the formula NTE=x?

Those are some of the questions answer in our panel presentation “Prove It: Proving the Cultural and Economic Value of Your Nighttime Economy,” recorded Thursday, June 8, 2023.

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Dr. Genna Styles-Lyas

Dr. Genna Styles-Lyas
Director of AEP6 Community Engagement & Equity – Americans for the Arts
Washington, DC

Review the Arts & Economy Prosperity study from 2017


Randall White | Founder and Host – 24HourNation

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