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Reducing Sexual Violence at Music Venues

Reducing Sexual Violence at Music Venues

24Minutes Podcast
Season 1, Episode 27
Nov 29, 2022
Guest: Mary Crilley, Co-Founder and CEO, Sexual Violence Centre Cork

The statistics are staggering.

  • 48% of musicians have experienced sexual harassment at work.
  • 79% of women aged between 18 and 24 had experienced or witnessed sexual harassment on a night out. 
  • 56% of nightlife workers have experienced sexual violence on a night out or while working in the nightlife environment.
  • almost 9 in 10 women feel unsafe in public spaces.

In 2018, Mary Crilley launched Safe Gigs Ireland, a campaign to respond to the experiences of audiences, creatives, artists and all working within the broader arts and entertainment sector. Her goal was to challenge and tackle environments that were rife with harassment, micro-aggressions and sexual violence.

Through innovative partnerships with musicians, producers and venues, Safe Gigs is leading the charge to reduce sexual harassment. The Safe Gigs Charter provides a model that can be adapted by music, dance and alcohol-licensed venues around the world.

In this episode of 24 Minutes, meet Mary Crilley and learn a few ways Safe Gigs Ireland is helping others to stop tolerating violent behavior.

Learn more about Safe Gigs Ireland:

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