It's Her Space, As Well

It’s Her Space, As Well

In a column for The Globe and Mail, Domini Clark wrote about the need for women to feel safer at night as they navigate urban spaces.

“In practical terms, what we can do is address one of the fundamental problems of many modern Western cities: They are the product of men, built for men (specifically white ones) who commuted at standard hours, typically by car.”

In the insightful article, Clark quoted architect and engineer Sabina Riss. Riss is on the faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning at the Technical University of Vienna.

“I raise awareness of gender-specific inequality in the planning profession and point out possible solutions,” Riss has stated.

“Our built environment is 50% used by women,” Riss adds. “In order to ensure that all needs and interests are taken into account in the planning, women should be adequately represented in the discussion and conception as well as in decision-making positions in the development of planning projects.”

Inspired by these perspectives, 24HourNation presents a public service webinar, “It’s Her Space, As Well: Ensuring Safe Nighttime Settings for Women.”

The one-hour presentation was offered live on Monday, Jan. 23, 2023.



The goal of this webinar was to plant two facts into the minds of those responsible for architecture, landscape architecture, transportation planning, urban design, city planning, outdoor lighting and even certain areas of public art.


  • Women experience cities differently than men, especially at night.
  • “No amount of lighting is going to abolish the patriarchy.” *

We also hope to help position these facts into the minds of future urban planners. As such, the Urban Planning Student Association at The University of Texas at San Antonio is sponsoring this webinar.


Sabina RissSabina Riss, Architect, lecturer and researcher, TU Wien

Sabina Riss completed her doctorate and teaches at the Technical University of Vienna, at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning. The focus of her scientific work is gender equality in the planning profession and gender equality-oriented planning of the built environment.

Domini ClarkDomini Clark, Editor, The Globe and Mail

Domini collaborates with staff and freelance writers around the world to improve long-form features, columns, op-eds, photo essays and breaking news stories. An article she wrote for The Globe and Mail inspired this webinar and introduced us to Sabina Riss.

Tiffany VargasTiffany Vargas, Architecture graduate student, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Tiffany comes to us by way of our collaboration with the Urban Planning Student Association at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She is a Master of Architecture candidate who is also getting a certificate in Urban Planning from UTSA’s Urban and Regional Planning program. Her interests are in gender and urban issues.

Tennesha JosephTennesha Joseph, Creator & Project Manager, Are You Afraid of the Dark T.O?

Are You Afraid of the Dark T.O? is an emerging public space initiative based in Toronto, Canada. It explores how to promote safety and encourage the presence and participation of young women and girls in public spaces at night. With a degree in Urban Planning from Toronto Metropolitan University, Tennesha is an aspiring community planner committed to creating more inclusive public spaces.

* Leslie Kern, “Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-Made World”

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