Smart Noz International Conference

Smart Noz International Conference

The action research project “Smart Noz, more sustainable and resilient nights in Brittany,” financed by the Brittany region through the Partnership Research Fund, will end in 2024.

The project team is organizing an international congress on the social acceptability of “light sobriety” and experimental, hybrid methodologies exploring how participatory sciences can contribute to sober lighting approaches.

The goal of sober lighting is to create a serene ambiance without causing light pollution or disrupting the natural darkness of the surroundings. This approach is often preferred in residential areas, parks, or public spaces where a more subdued and calming nighttime environment is desired.

Organized by UBO, the University of Western Brittany, the Smart Noz International Conference will be held Mar. 18-20, 2024, in Brest, France.

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