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Shown is a person's hand dropping an unknown substance into someone's drink.

Spread the Word: Stamp Out Spiking

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 6
Feb 26, 2023
Guest: Dawn Dines, Founder – Stamp Out Spiking

Have you ever had someone spike the punch at a house party? Spike your drink at a bar? Or, worse yet, stick you with a syringe containing a powerful sedative? Did you report it?

In this episode of 24 Minutes, we talk with Dawn Dines, Founder of the UK organization, Stamp Out Spiking.

We will talk about:

  • the common forms of spiking and their long-term effects,
  • how underreporting gives power to perpetrators,
  • the fact that men are also victims, and
  • what you and others can do to … stamp out spiking.


You might be surprised to learn that spiking is more often done by someone you know.

You may be horrified to hear about women and men who were spiked and then videotaped while being raped.

You will also hear about an action women took in the UK that finally got the attention of elected officials.


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