Strengthening LGBTQIA+ Places, Spaces and Heritage

Libby Harris: Strengthening LGBTQIA+ Places and Nighttime Economies

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 11
Apr 16, 2023
Guest: Libby Harris, Night Time City Manager – City of Sydney

What role can a city have in shaping and sustaining the social and cultural heritage of its LGBTQIA+ districts?

Let’s talk about that with Libby Harris, Night Time City Manager, City of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.

We will learn about the City of Sydney’s Nighttime economy office and how it interacts and plans with community stakeholders, other city departments, regional leaders and state officials.

We’ll also gain insights into Sydney’s commitment to its Oxford Street precinct, a historically significant gay neighborhood. For 45 years, this precinct’s nighttime economy has received a boost from Sydney’s annual Mardi Gras Festival and parade. This year its nighttime economy and Mardi Gras were turbocharged as Sydney hosted WorldPride, a major international LGBTQIA+ festival.


City of Sydney

City of Sydney Night-time Economy

City of Sydney Oxford Street Precinct

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