Alby Bocanegra of Mastercard

What’s Possible?

Pioneered by Mastercard, City Possible is a new model of public-private partnerships that brings together a united private sector to work with cities and communities to solve system-wide challenges.

City Possible believes that, by co-developing, piloting and scaling solutions, it can strengthen the new triple bottom line: people, cities and businesses.

“We can create solutions to uplift all segments of the community by putting people at the center of design,” Mastercard states.

As a part of its City Possible initiative, Mastercard has also assembled an impressive international team of nighttime economy stakeholders. This 24-Hour Cities Network is helping design and create solutions in the areas of nighttime governance, public safety, mobility and economic development.

What could this mean for your city’s nighttime economy? Spend 24 minutes with M. Alby Bocanegra, Vice President for Mastercard’s Global City Partnerships.

24 minutes from 24HourNation
Season 001, Episode 015

Topic: What's possible for 24-Hour Cities? Mastercard's City Possible initiative
Guest: M. Alby Bocanegra, Global City Partnerships, Mastercard
Host: Randall White, 24HourNation
Recorded: Jul 18, 2022
Mixed: Jul 26, 2022
Posted: Jul 26, 2022

M. Alby Bocanegra currently serves as Vice President, Global City Partnerships at Mastercard.

In this role, he leads Mastercard’s partnerships with local governments. Through the City Possible initiative, Alby oversees the team responsible for a global network of more than 330 cities, academics, non-government organizations and industry experts.

Additionally, he serves on the World Economic Forum’s Advisory Board on digital twins.

Prior to joining Mastercard, Alby spent three years with the Mayor’s Office in the City of New York, half of it leading the office as Interim Chief Technology Officer.

It was there that he co-founded the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights with the cities of Amsterdam and Barcelona as well as the United Nations. The Coalition now boasts more than fifty global cities.

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