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Iowa City Downtown District

A Safer Downtown District: 4 Strategies You Can Use

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 10
Mar 24, 2023
Guest: Officer Colin Fowler, Downtown Liaison Officer – Iowa City Police Department

Police departments in cities large and small can learn a great deal from Iowa City, Iowa.

That’s right.

In this episode of 24 Minutes, we discuss strategies for safer downtown districts that will work in large and small cities.

Our guest is Colin Fowler, Downtown Liaison Officer for the Iowa City Police Department.

Learn how he is helping to create a safer downtown district through:

  1. effective relationships,
  2. accessibility,
  3. providing businesses what they say they need, and
  4. solving panhandling by solving homelessness.

Along the way we also discuss police shortages, a shift in America’s political climate when it comes to policing, violent intruder training, restorative justice, socks, whether or not bar employees should carry guns … and Bertha the rabbit.


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