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Amsterdam: Keeping Nightlife on a City’s Agenda

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 19
Aug 3, 2023
Guest: Freek Wallagh
Nachtburgemeester (Night Mayor)
Stichting N8BM A’DAM (Night Mayor Foundation of Amsterdam)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For many around the world, Amsterdam conjures up images of being Europe’s “sin city.” What may not come to mind is a more-nuanced view that this 24-hour city’s nighttime economy is an integral element of Amsterdam’s heritage.

In 2012, Amsterdam was the first city to officially designate an individual (Mirik Milan) as Nachtburgemeester, or “night mayor.” In 2014, nighttime stakeholders formed Stichting N8BM A’DAM, the Night Mayor Foundation of Amsterdam, to strengthen, sustain, and further define the terms of office for the city’s night mayor.

This year, stakeholders publicly elected poet and spoken word performing artist Freek Wallagh as Amsterdam’s latest Nachtburgemeester.

In this episode of 24 Minutes from 24HourNation, we speak with Freek about:

  • The role the night has in pushing boundaries.
  • The challenges and opportunities of nighttime tourism.
  • Stichting N8BM A’DAM’s mission statements and structure.
  • How to get — and keep — the nighttime perspective on the agendas of policymakers.

Listen in as we spend 24 Minutes with Freek Wallagh.


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