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City of Boston

Boston: Nightlife for the ‘City that Thinks’

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 20
Aug 29, 2023
Guest: Corean Reynolds, Director of Nightlife Economy
Office of Economic Opportunity & Inclusion
City of Boston, MA

In March 2023, the City of Boston hired Corean Reynolds to be its first Director of Nightlife Economy.

As a city that values its intellectual capital, and with respect to its neighborhoods, Boston aspires to serve nighttime economic drivers in education, healthcare, public safety, in addition to all the nightlife industries.

In this podcast episode we learn:

  • why Boston’s Office of Nightlife came into being.
  • the importance of building a nighttime advisory committee.
  • the night cultures of Boston’s twenty-three distinct neighborhoods.
  • the goal of getting visitors and Bostonians to discover new things about the city … through nightlife.

Get to know the “city that thinks.” Get to better understand Boston’s nighttime economic priorities. And get acquainted with Corean Reynolds in this episode of 24Minutes.


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