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Create a Manifesto for Nightlife

Create a Manifesto for Nightlife

24Minutes Podcast
Season 1, Episode 22
Sep 29, 2022
Guest: Lutz Leichsenring, Co-founder and Partner, VibeLab

Over the course of a year, VibeLab convened 120 visionaries in 55 cities and ten focus groups representing the global nighttime community.

Their goal was to create a document that can give nighttime advocates reasons why nightlife is important as we chart the future and navigate public health, political and environmental challenges.

The result is VibeLab’s global nighttime manifesto. The document positions nightlife and our nighttime culture as essential, if undervalued.

“United by common values and visions, let us rise up together and foster a more meaningful reality and resilient future for nightlife around the world.”

In this episode of 24 Minutes from 24HourNation, learn about the global nighttime manifesto as we talk with Lutz Leichsenring, co-founder and partner of VibeLab.  Lutz is also spokesman and an executive board member for Berlin Clubcommission.

Download a PDF of the document here.

In addition, add your name to the list of those around the planet who believe that the culture, people and places of the night can create safer, more resilient and more sustainable cities.

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