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Create Safer Spaces

Create Safer Spaces – Expanding the Concept of Harm Reduction in Nightlife Districts

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 15
Jun 11, 2023
Guest: Dr. Phillip Wadds, University of New South Wales

Ordinances, rules, sanctions, penalties, regulations, consequences. These can all help reduce harm in our nightlife spaces.

However, they can also produce harm.

  • Research now suggests new ways for us to think and act differently when establishing safer spaces inside bars, clubs, and music venues.
  • Evidence also supports new steps to take that will extend safety into shared, public spaces outside of the businesses that are licensed to serve alcohol.

In this conversation with Dr. Phillip Wadds at the University of New South Wales, we talk about:

  1. New thinking for nightlife security personnel.
  2. Going beyond law enforcement to create communities of care in our nightlife districts.

But first, we define “harm reduction” in our 24 Minutes with Phillip Wadds.


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