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How Montréal is transforming its nighttime economy

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 2
Jan 26, 2023
Guest: Mathieu Grondin, General Director – MTL 24/24

One city in North America is on the leading edge when it comes to transforming its social and cultural scene at night: Montréal.

In this episode of our 24 Minutes podcast, we talk with Mathieu Grondin, General Director for MTL 24/24.

You will hear about:

  • this innovative and private non-profit organization which works in partnership with the City of Montréal and the government of Québec;
  • how the City of Montréal is piloting a program to extend hours for alcohol service at nighttime businesses;
  • MTL 24/24’s robust Montréal Night Summit coming May 17-21, 2023;
  • and Mathieu’s recent experience as a music ambassador to war-torn Ukraine. 

MTL 24/24 aims to enhance the Montréal’s development by introducing the night as a new frontier for innovation. The organization also intends to facilitate nighttime economic development while placing Montréal’s culture in a global spotlight.

MTL 24/24’s mandate is to: 

  • establish the nightlife as a new space for economic growth;
  • develop projects that structure community and economic life at night;
  • offer various services, advice and workshops to support artists, nightlife professionals and decision makers;
  • organize educational activities around public issues relating to the night;
  • fund research and gather data on Montreal’s nightlife;
  • produce innovative events to promote Quebec’s nocturnal culture;
  • provide a venue dedicated to the night and participate in the advancement of neighbourhood nightlife.

Learn more about MTL 24/24:


Montréal Nighttime Economic Impact Study (2022) Montréal Ville 24 Heures: Rapport Économique Sur La Nuit Socioculturelle De La Métropole

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