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Finding Balance in Nashville at Night

Striking the right note with tourists, residents, and businesses

24 Minutes Podcast
Season 2, Episode 30
Dec 29, 2023
Guest: R. Benton McDonough, Esq.
Executive Director, Mayor’s Office of Nightlife
Executive Director, Metropolitan Nashville Beer Permit Board
Nashville, TN

When those around the world think of American cities with a nightlife scene, they would rattle off cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, among others. However, if you ask someone from the States where live music is made, celebrated, and integral to that American city’s nighttime identity, odds are they will have one answer: Nashville, Tennessee.

In this episode of 24 Minutes, we talk with Music City’s Benton McDonough, who is one of fifteen or so professional nighttime economy managers in U.S. cities.

What does that mean?

He tells us.


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