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The Night Club

Night Work by Design

Dezeen is an architecture, interiors and design magazine in the UK. On Mar. 7, it profiled Sarah Douglas, co-founder of the London-based creative consultancy The Liminal Space.

We also had the opportunity to hear from Douglas in a virtual meeting on the topic of sleep, sound at night and cities.

Dezeen writes, “The Liminal Space is focused on a number of projects that address the issue of labor and how it will change in the future.

“‘We’re doing quite a lot of work around the future of work, and thinking about that from a social perspective,’ Douglas said.”

The magazine’s feature story goes on to write about a project Douglas spoke about in our call.

“An example of one of these projects is The Night Club, an ongoing community engagement project launched in 2018 that includes a travelling installation featured at the 2022 London Design Festival.

“The Liminal Space worked with sleep researchers at the University of Oxford to form The Night Club as a hub for night-shift workers to share their experiences. The project’s pop-up installation travels to various locations and offers health information in-situ during these workers’ shifts.

“‘There is mounting evidence that [night-shift work] contributes to a number of serious health conditions – from heart disease and diabetes to mental-health issues,’ said the studio.”

The Night Club deserved the attention of nighttime advocates everywhere. Look to hear more from 24HourNation about the shift work and night workers, an overlooked and often diminished segment of our workforce.

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